Bedbug and Cockroach Prep

Image of bedbug crossed outToronto Hoarding and Extreme Cleaning Service will prepare your home for extermination of bedbugs or other infestations. An exterminator will not be able to destroy an infestation in a home that is not properly prepared.

Bed Bugs and Cockroaches are difficult to exterminate because they are excellent at hiding. They hide in the seams of mattresses and the cracks of soft furniture. You will find them in the joints of bedframes and other pieces of hard furniture. They can be found clinging to carpet and clothing. They hide under electrical cover plates and baseboards. You need to kill both the hidden and visible bugs to eliminate an infestation.

Image of cockroach crossed outThe extermination company will not take apart beds, remove cover plates, bag laundry and move furniture to get at hidden bugs. This work is the responsibility of the resident of the home and must be completed before the extermination company visits.

Toronto Hoarding and Extreme Cleaning Services will do the moving and organizing work to prepare your home for the extermination company. Additionally, we will start the process of eliminating the infestation by vacuuming and treating your home with high pressure / high temperature steam. Steam kills insects and eggs on contact and gets deep in the places where bugs hide.

Facts about bedbugs:

  • Bed Bugs can live for 6 months to a year without a meal.
  • Bed Bugs can lay 100 eggs a month
  • Bed Bugs can be 4 to 5 mm long which means you can see them
  • Bed Bugs can survive at -16 Celsius for up to 80 hours
  • Bed Bugs can survive in heat up to about +48 Celsius

Facts about cockroaches:

  • Cockroaches are fast and can travel at a speed of 5 feet per second
  • Cockroaches can live for up to one month without food
  • Cockroaches can live for 40 minutes without breathing
  • Cockroaches can live for up to one week without a head
  • Cockroaches eat book bindings, wallpaper paste and even nylon

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