Hospital Discharge Support

The process of being discharged from hospital to home is normally challenging to some degree. The discharge process can go beyond being challenging to impossible if the patient’s home is unsafe or uninhabitable. In order for a discharge to be successful, the home environment should be as organized and clean as possible. A clean and safe home environment will help to eliminate complications and possible readmission to hospital.

Toronto Hoarding and Extreme Cleaning Services is often called upon to assist with the process of transitioning patients from hospital to home. We are experienced at responding to calls from hospital discharge planners and working collaboratively with patients and/or families to support the discharge process. We act in a timely manner to ensure the necessary work is completed to prepare the patient’s home for discharge.

We offer a complete service to help with the process of moving a patient from hospital to home. We will pick up keys from family or the patient in the hospital to gain entry to the home. We connect with condominium managers or superintendents to book elevators and coordinate rubbish removal. Our team will complete small maintenance tasks, such as changing light bulbs and batteries in smoke detectors, unclogging sinks and fixing broken toilets.

In order to prepare the home for discharge we will dispose of all rubbish and unwanted items from the property. We will fully clean and sanitize the home and have professional air quality testing completed upon request. We will organize the home to create a safe and welcoming environment. If you wish we will organize repair professionals to complete work that may be needed on the home. Our goal is to make the home as safe, clean and organized as possible.

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